2016 Quilt Auction

2016 Quilt Auction Projects

Here are the pictures of our 80 projects for the 2016 Rainbow of Hope auction Saturday, November 5th.

Huge thanks to Keith from Payne Photography for donating his time and talent and taking the pictures. It is quite the challenge to take pictures of very large quilts in very small hallways!

Thanks to our judges Neva Hart and Jean Hensley who took on the difficult task of determining ribbon winners for this year’s projects. Congratulations to the judges choices:

Junior – Skylar Davis #47

Quilted Textile Arts – Angela Sale #14

Extra Small – Frances Calhoun #76

Small – Joyce Duncan #63

Medium – Lois Griffith #53

Large – Carrie White #37

Extra Large – Edwina Byrum #27

Judges Choice – Botetourt Beulahs #21

Judges Choice – Teva Employees #44

Quilt Supporter Any project that raises $1500 before the auction goes "home" as the quilter determined on the registration form.
Click the symbol or Quilt Supporter Form for more information on how you can help send a project home!

Click on any thumbnail to see bigger images!

2016 Stories The Stories behind the Quilts.

Click on any thumbnail to see bigger images!

2016 Stories The Stories behind the Quilts for 2016.

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