Pieces of the Rainbow

Rainbow of Hope – How it Began

THANKS for visiting our Rainbow of Hope Auction page!  Let me share with you, how this all began -

In early 2004, I started managing Quilted Expressions.  I was prepared for the paperwork, the ordering, the salesmen, the employees, the hours and hours and hours.  What I was not prepared for was the realization that I am really running a bar for women. Instead of drinks, we serve fabric - some straight up, some with a twist, a book or a pattern.  Between bolts of fabric, we hear tales of woe and tales of celebration.  We got to know our customers and occasionally had to call a cab to take them home after one bolt too many.  I had always stressed customer service to the staff but it went so far beyond that for some.

For instance, one day, a frequent customer walked in the shop.  I greeted her as usual asking how she was doing.  She said she was having a pretty rough morning.  She reminisced that it was about a year ago that she took her first class here and while doing so, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She continued by saying she had just come from the doctor with her daughter and she was diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  She took a deep breath, managed to grin and said she didn't know where else to go so she came to see us.

These are the stories we heard way too often and this is why we choose to do something.  In 2006, we decided to quilt for a reason.  My customers selected Hospice of the Hills as their reason to quilt because Hospice has helped them through some of their worst times.

I know it was preordained that I would be working closely with Terri Layne, Hospice Volunteer Coordinator.  Her passion and drive for this project has made us quite a team!  She has mentioned to me that Hospice is all about the "warm and fuzzies" and so was QE as you can tell by the numerous projects donated.  My requirements were simple for each project:

1.Choose your awareness color or colors and try to include that in your project.

2.Make your project with love.

There is great therapy in "doing something".  Projects were completed by sisters remembering Grandma, friends celebrating so many years cancer free, and individuals battling by themselves.  I believe I would just need both hands to count the number of people who heard about our project and could not relay a story of someone they know touched by cancer.  We joined together, laughed, teared up and did what we do best - quilted.  Please keep in mind there is a story behind every project and probably a tear or two within each one.

Outgrowing our original vision, a larger facility became necessary.  Mountain View United Methodist church was my first choice.  This proved to be a wise decision as the Mountain View staff and congregation stepped up and gave this project everything it has to offer!  As I dutifully report our results the next day to the congregation each year, I first ask for all those who helped in any way to stand.  There is nothing quite like watching 2/3 of a church congregation stand at once because you asked them to help and they answered.  There is no doubt that this event could not take place without the help of my church family and all I ever had to do was ask.  If you are missing that support in your life, please consider joining us at Mountain View, they are incredible.

I am now retired from Quilted Expressions but I don’t think I could stop this Rainbow if I wanted to.  Thanks to all who have participated since that first “one-time” event in 2006.  Thanks for reading our story and I hope you get the opportunity to see us doing something and decide to join us.

- Tamera Ehlinger

Thanks to all who were involved in any way - I am truly overwhelmed.

Colors of Hope

Pink - Breast Cancer
Teal - Ovarian Cancer
Pearl (or White) - Lung Cancer
Periwinkle - Esophageal Cancer
Periwinkle - Stomach Cancer
Purple - Pancreatic Cancer
Purple - Leiomyosarcoma
Orange - Leukemia
Black - Melanoma
Dark Blue - Colon Cancer
Dark Blue - Colorectal Cancer
Burgundy - Multiple Myeloma
Grey - Brain Tumor
Light Blue - Prostate Cancer

Colors of Hope

Gold - Childhood Cancers
Lavender - General Cancer
Lime Green - Lymphoma
Peach - Uterine Cancer
Peach - Endometrial Cancer
Kelly Green - Kidney Cancer
Yellow - Sarcoma/Bone Cancer
Teal/White - Cervical Cancer
Burgundy/Ivory - Head, Neck & Throat Cancer
Emerald Green - Liver Cancer
Periwinkle - Esophageal Cancer
Yellow - Bladder Cancer